What’s mindfulness got to do with success?


What is success – that widely-sought after but mostly-elusive life outcome?

The answer is deeply personal and dependent on each individual’s own unique mix of values, circumstances and life experiences.  A sad feature of today’s world is that many people struggle to find the space and wherewithal to define what success really means in their life.

We live in an age where faster, cheaper, and bigger seem to be more valued than craftsmanship, values, and quality.  I say ‘seem’, because that is the evidence I see around me daily.  However when I take the time to slow down and genuinely engage with others around me, I increasingly discover that many of us aspire to an alternative definition of success.

This article about the USA organisation – Holstee – highlights the power of personal reflection and conviction in pursuing new models of success.  Through their leadership, a small group of friends in the midst of one of the country’s worst recessions quit their jobs to dive headfirst into building their own dream company.  Their mantra – if you don’t like something, change it!  And the engine room for their journey – mindfulness – practiced in a refreshingly relevant way for the 21st century urban dweller!

So what does leading a successful life mean for you?  You might be surprised how a little mindful living can help to unlock your dreams….and enhance personal mastery in other important parts of your life.





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