Our Services

Sustainable Consulting offers the following core services:

  • Group facilitation – designing, facilitating and capturing outcomes from important meetings and workshops (find out more)
  • Strategy development – diagnosing the present situation, unlocking the future vision, designing an appropriate strategy and developing an action plan for any important system or topic
  • Project implementation – ensuring significant opportunities are reliably realised and significant risks are reliably mitigated
  • Stakeholder engagement – identifying, engaging and mobilising stakeholders likely to be significantly impacted by any future decision
  • Sustainability activation – identifying opportunities, mobilising stakeholder support and implementing projects to showcase sustainability-in-action.

We use our services to unlock human potential at a range of scales:ainable Consulting Workshop

  • Individual – any person in a leadership role at work or in broader life
  • Team – any formal group with a shared focus (typically <30 members)
  • Organisation – any business, government agency or other formal group (typically >30 members)
  • Community – any less-formal group brought together by circumstance or agenda.

We work closely with each client to clarify the best way to secure maximum value from our services.  Sometimes this leads to new services being developed and offered.