Port Hedland Land Use Master Plan


In 2005, Port Hedland was a Pilbara community at the cross roads.  A small town established next to a pastoral industry port was now being stretched to breaking point by an exponential growth in mining activity in its hinterland and export activity through its port.  Leaders from various walks of life and stakeholder groups had concerns about, and aspirations for, the town’s future.  But no single organising framework existed to productively harness this energy for the collective greater good.

Port Hedland aerial shotApproach

Sustainable Consulting worked closely with Mirvac Fini and BHP to develop a partnership which provided initial funding and resourcing for a collaborative strategic land-use planning process.  This process – named the Port Hedland Land Use Master Plan – involved identifying and mobilising leaders from key stakeholder groups in Port Hedland to establish a single coordinating ‘voice of intent’.  That group worked together for two years under the auspices of the Town of Port Hedland with facilitation and project management support from Sustainable Consulting.  Following a series of community workshops designed and facilitated by Sustainable Consulting, a final Land Use Master Plan was produced with the support from the majority of the town’s stakeholders.  The plan was then given legal standing by being incorporated into an updated Town Planning Scheme.


As Australia’s mining boom accelerated, focus increased on Port Hedland as one of the economic engines for the country.  The Land Use Master Plan has played a significant role in directing the resulting development, and in securing a range of federal and state government funding plus corporate contributions.  Port Hedland had been transformed into a town buzzing with excitement about recent improvements and future opportunities.

Further information about the Port Hedland Land Use Master Plan can be found here.