Sustainable Mandurah Home


In 2004, sustainable housing was a relatively new concept in WA.  A number of like-minded but disconnected individuals were starting to get excited about the potential for this style of product to deliver affordable accommodation which was a joy to live in all year round and which also came with a significantly reduced environmental footprint.

The five eventual major partners for the Sustainable Mandurah Home decided to get involved with the project for a range of reasons. 

City of Mandurah was keen to increase the uptake of more sustainable practices in the community.  Mirvac Fini had a significant land bank in the Mandurah area and was looking to position itself as a progressive property developer.  Dwellings was an emerging designer of sustainable homes intent on accelerating the uptake of this style of housing in WA.  Ultimate Homes was led by someone who grew-up in a solar passive home and who was keen to grow market share for his business.  As a relatively new consultancy, Sustainable Consulting was looking for opportunities to showcase both sustainability-in-action and the power of its collaborative processes in delivering benefits for a range of stakeholders.


IMG_2931After a number of false starts elsewhere, Sustainable Consulting and Mirvac Fini teamed up with the City of Mandurah to initiate the Sustainable Mandurah Home project.  Mirvac and the City established a small budget to enable Sustainable Consulting, on their behalf, to develop a project framework and scope and then secure the other two project partners.  From there we acted as project manager to help ensure alignment between the other project partners during the design, construction and home-open phases.  Sustainable Consulting also secured donations of materials and services from a range of like-minded suppliers which helped to offset the overheads associated with a project of this type.

Once completed in early 2006, the home was opened to the public three days per week and also used to host a range of sustainability-related events and as a meeting venue for the City of Mandurah and broader community.


The Sustainable Mandurah Home has won a number of awards including the HIA Special Purpose Housing Project of the year for 2005.  The home has been open to the public for more than seven years and during that time annual visitor numbers have ranged between 2,000 and 4,000. 

Further information about the Sustainable Mandurah Home can be found here.