Our Approach

The Sustainable Consulting approach is founded on the following philosophies and values.

Our philosophies

  • Relationships underpin all human success
  • Conversation – well designed and well facilitated – can unlock significant human potential (find out more)
  • Good process can overcome seemingly intractable problems
  • Seeking a genuine balance between economic prosperity, social wellbeing and environmental care is a powerful way to drive innovation
  • Leadership – based on vision, courage, wisdom, integrity and persistence – is key to creating a better future.

Our valuesIMG_2160

  • Truth – we seek to discover and name what is really happening and desired
  • Commitment – we bring our full heart and mind to bear on whatever we choose to work on
  • Respect – we value and communicate our needs and rights, and encourage others to do the same;  we seek to find a fair and balanced compromise if differences arise
  • Learning – we constantly try to improve ourselves, our processes and our client experience;  we seek and act-on feedback from others
  • Integrity – we act in accordance with our values;  we do what we say we are going to do;  we clearly and promptly explain to impacted parties if we are unable to deliver on any commitment.