The power of diverse perspectives

1672354-inline-escherMany of our most significant consulting assignments have started with a single workshop involving people who do not typically work closely together.  By framing questions of common concern that encourage and respect the different experiences, aspirations and ideas in the room, amazing breakthroughs can occur.

In this context, ‘diverse perspectives’ become something to be valued rather than something to be feared.  In fact they often provide the engine room for a productive group conversation –  regardless of topic or organisation – in three main ways:

  • By building a shared appreciation of how the present situation looks from all perspectives – top-down, bottom-up, inside-out, and outside-in
  • By imagining how those present would ultimately like to look-back on the topic and/or organisation in later life
  • By referencing other systems – for example natural ecosystems – to gain design insights and resolve the best way forward.

At a time when many parts of society a fearful of difference, well-designed and well-facilitated conversations can tap into diversity to fuel  innovation and unlock untold human potential. This article showcases the power of different perspectives and their interplay with well-framed questions.

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